The days are gone when pregnancy and the pregnant belly was something that has to be hidden. Today, women like to celebrate the pregnancy period and like to dress up comfortable & stylishly. It is very necessary for a pregnant woman to dress-up properly. . It can also be a challenging time to find the right cloth during pregnancy. Some women like to show-off their bump and some may not like to do so. You won’t know how your body’s going to respond to the pregnancy until it actually happens. Buy clothes only as you need them, but with further growth in mind, depending on the stage of your pregnancy. I know a lot of women who bought loads of maternity clothes as soon as they found out they were pregnant but didn’t wear most of them because they didn’t fit/suit when it actually came time to use them.

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There are different styles of clothes that look good and make the mother-to-be comfortable too.  Here are some tips on buying well for your pregnancy and beyond.

Other things need to consider:
For first three months of pregnancy, you can stick to regular clothes. For the later months, you may need maternity clothes that will be larger in size than your regular clothes.

  • Buttoned-front shirts and tops are great for breastfeeding
  • Look for elasticized waistbands – the wider bands tend to be more comfortable and sit flatter. As your belly expands, position the waistband below the belly
  • Maxi dresses are best as they keep you looking feminine and help you stay in trend too.
  • You can wear the shirts with buttons by keeping few of the buttons open and wearing a cotton vest or camisole keeping it relaxed for the upper body too because your boobs will also grow during this period.
  • You can also wear figure-hugging dresses below your knees if you find that comfortable and complementing.
  • Only when you start experiencing a little pinch, buy clothes that are larger than your normal size.
  • To begin with, you can buy waist-expanders for your existing trousers
  • Go for a basic colour that will work well with other colours
  • If your shape suits it, a straight or narrow leg will give you a slimming look
  • Choose deep V-necks to slim your large bust.
  • It is worth investing in a pair of maternity trousers that allow you to expand the waist as you need
  • During this time you can check out your own wardrobe and find something that would be comfortable and relaxing as well as compliment with your styles too.
  • Long, lean lines look good and stylish during pregnancy.
  • Long length clothes with dark colours look good.
  • If you like patterns, you should restrict it to the area that is of your normal body shape. This is because the pattern stretches on you and will make you look even bigger than your normal size.
  • While choosing the colour it is good to dress in same colour from head to toe.
  • You can wear darker separates and compliment it with light colour jacket.


  • Regardless of increase in your belly and bust size, you can still shop and wear jewelry. Just avoid long length necklaces. Keep the neckline jewelry short and if you want you can wear a bit wider one too.
  • Rings can get tight during late weeks of pregnancy. You can style yourself with designer jewelry that have expandable attachments.

Do not forget about the shoes. Keep your shoes comfortable and stick to flat sleepers or flat boots.

If you are able to avoid heels, it will be good for your back or keep it for very special occasions and wear for a short period of time and make sure you do not move much or stand when wearing heels during pregnancy.

 Long tops:
It is needed because they sit beautifully over your tummy and bottom and give a gorgeous long-line look. Just make sure they have enough room width-ways for your growing tum. A-line and empire-line style tops are great, though just ensure there is enough room for your growing bust.

Unless you gain weight across your back and upper arms, you can continue to wear your regular size blazer throughout your pregnancy, and beyond – you’re not expected to button it up. A blazer looks fabulous teamed up with a tunic top. Smart cardies are a great alternative to a blazer – there have been some fantastic colours around this summer to really enhance an outfit.
pracnancy dress
prefnancy cloth
Dresses with wrap/cross-over tops are wonderful for pregnancy and breastfeeding; they’re extremely flattering for the figure and also very comfortable because they’re usually made in a stretch-knit fabric that also drapes well.

Smart casual wear
Wear the tunic tops and blazer that you use for work, with a pair of jeans or leggings. Depending on the season, it can be worth investing in a pair of maternity jeans that will last through the pregnancy and after. A straight or narrow leg will give you an overall slimming look.

Dress -Up for breastfeeding:
Make sure it easy for you to unclip your bra and easily feed your baby:

  • Front-button shirts.
  • A-line tops, with easy access to the bra from underneath or via the neckline.
  • Loose fitting, flowing tops.
  • Wrap/cross-over tops.
  • Dresses can be a bit awkward, unless the top allows access to your bra and makes it easy for feeding.

Selecting bra:
During the pregnancy months, your breasts get heavier and tender. This indicates shopping for new maternity innerwear. Selecting appropriate bra-size is important, as your breasts needs to be paid proper care and support. Pregnancy allows the breasts to enlarge during this time, thus absolute comfort is a must.

  • Choose bras made of cotton materials.
  • The bra should support your back and shoulders, and yet, you should not feel strained while wearing it.
  • Make a good choice of the maternity bra, as we are sure you don’t want to end up looking like an old lady later!

Low Budget:

  • Buy pre-loved. A reminder that there women who go crazy and buy tonnes of clothes as soon as they’re pregnant but end up not wearing half of them – these are the sellers you’re looking for.
  • Borrow clothes off family or friends.
  • Look out for clothes swaps.
  • As mentioned above, buy regular clothes that you can wear after the pregnancy, as long as the size still works.

Cloth during pregnancy

Cloth during pregnancy

Cloth during pregnancy

Cloth during pregnancy